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MotorHigh performance synchronus 3-phase electric outrunner with permanent magnets
Power40 kW for takeoff, 30 kW contionus
PROPELLER2 blade Pipistrel 1650 mm diam special for Taurus Electro G2



Wing span14.97 m
Length7.27 m
Height1.41 m
Wing area12.33 m2
Rudder area0.9 m2
Horizontal tail area1.36 m2
Aspect ratio18.6
Positive flaps5 deg, 9 deg, 18 deg
Negative flaps-5 deg
Center of gravity23% – 41%



Empty weight (includes Standard battery!)306 kg
Minimum pilot weight60 kg
Maximum total pilots weight220 kg
Max take off weight (MTOW)450 kg / 472.5 kg / 550 kg
Weight of std battery system42 kg
Weight of optional Battery system59 kg



Stall with flaps63 km/h
Stall without flaps71 km/h
Manoeuvring speed163 km/h
Max. speed with flaps extended130 km/h
Max. speed with airbrakes extended225 km/h (extend at or below 160 km/h)
Max. speed with powerplant extended160 km/h
VNE225 km/h
Min.sink0.70 m/sec
Min.sink speed94 km/h
Max. sink with airbrakes6.0 m/sec @ 100 km/h
Best glide1: 41
Best glide ratio speed107 km/h
Best glide at 150 km/h1: 33
Best glide at 180 km/h1: 23
Max towing speed150 km/h
45°-45° roll time3.9 sec
Take off run MTOW160 m
Take off over 15 m MTOW245 m
Best climb speed100 km/h
Max climb rate (MTOW)3.1 m/sec
Relative climb (elevation independent!)1100 m (4000 ft) / 2000 m (6000 ft)
Max load factor permitted (x1,8)+5.3g -2.65g
Max load factor tested+ 7.2g – 7.2g